1966 Ford Mustang 289 V8

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Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8
Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8
Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8
Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8Ford Mustang 289 V8

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1966 Ford Mustang 289 V8
Usage:Pleasure, daily
Miles:47,311 Miles

Seller:Anne Hamill
City, State:Falls Church, VA - (Map It!)
Email Contact:Click Here To Email The Seller
Phone Number:703-587-5074

Exterior Color:Red
Interior Color:Red
Fuel Type:Gasoline

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Vehicle Listing Description
Great Driving Original Numbers Matching Unrestored Classic! Only 47K miles. One owner until 2006, garage kept for 40 years! C Code from Dearborn Mich. I am technically the 4th owner, though the original owner sold it to a dealer who sold it to the person I bought it from, all within months - so since 10/06 I've been the owner.

For the Show People: I showed it once in the Original Unrestored Class on a whim at a show, just to get feedback (forgot my paperwork), the judges were very positive and I did win a trophy (though in the Favs Category, you know top 15-20 that participated or whatever.) Since Unrestored category has so few entries you are bound to win something if you show it as is!!!

Original Paint, Interior, Engine, etc. Things replaced in the last few years:
Convertible Top
Tires (single ply correct for model)
Hoses, Belts.
Fuel pump, gas tank.
Brake job (drum)
Boot (original in trunk)
Spare tire, Wipers (original in trunk)

Condition Issues: Visible in the pics - this is the ORIGINAL FACTORY PAINT! Thus oxidation, waxes up great though. Various dings, visible in pics, wear through on ridges of hood and one spot on the trunk. I hand wax...so someone else did that!! Left rear quarter panel has had repair work sometime in its past, the paint is not perfect. The rear bumper is slightly bent in a smiley type way that I found quaint, have located a correct replacement and can refer that to you (probably occurred same time as rear quarter panel damage, can't swear.) Please zoom in on the passenger door exterior for condition under the door trim. The top is a couple of years old now, so not brand new perfect, but looking great. Carpet faded on hub, pile still thick, no wear through, I have newer pads. Radio needs restoration and wiring, was staticky now nothing. Steering wheel horn working - slightly misaligned. Wiper fluid bag present, hose missing, unaware of pump condition (I haven't needed it). Engine compartment has original stickers present and original patina, has not effected function of vehicle/engine, This "patina" lends credibility to its original non restored state, in my opinion. I was hesitant to remove the engine just because of a little dirt! Original rust proofing still present underneath.

THIS CAR DRIVES GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! When I bought in 10/06 there were 38+K miles on it and it drove great then! I had some systems work done and replaced the gas tank in 06. Recent tune up. I drive it daily during pleasant weather! Not kidding, tagged and insured as a regular car. This year not as much due to gas prices and there's a free shuttle now at work! I drove it from Northern VA to Princeton NJ and back last summer, did great. Does 65-75 just fine and yes have pushed it a bit to 80 for a little while. The only hitch is when you park it for less than an hour, but more than 10-15 minutes, need to hold pedal down to get air in the carburator. If this bothers you, sure keep fiddling with it, my mechanic addresses it and then a week later it's doing it again. Believe it has to do with the new sending unit on the new tank. I had this appraised for insurance purposes when I bought it, reserve price is well below that and reflects the quality of the vehicle and the work put into it to make it an enjoyable car to own and drive as often as you like.

Comes with: Original Window Sticker, Various Registrations, Original buyers order, Build Sheet, 1966 owners manual,, 1966 Mustang Brochure, 1966 Ford Color Chip Chart. 2 sets of Original Pony Keys.
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